Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R. I. P. late Shree Krishna Shrestha

Some photo clips clicked during my accidental visit to Pashupati where one of the Finest Actors/ Dancers/ Directors of Nepal late Shree Krishna Shrestha's Death Rituals was supposed to commence. 



Monday, July 14, 2014

Faces & Moments from Paddy Field

Ropain Festival, is the Climax day of rice plantation & cultivation. On the particular day of Asar 15, is celebrated mostly by farmers in the Terai and Inner-Terai regions of Nepal to mark the day. The farmers plant new seedlings of the crop in their paddies. Farmer use to be very busy during the days for preparation and cultivation of rice. Rice is one of the the major and stable foods for Nepalese.

Major txt source:http://www.nepaltrekkingpass.com/rice-plantation-nepal.php

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Silly/ Crap & Lunatic's ill fated activity

A Silly/ Crap & Lunatic's ill fated activity :
Pls. read out the entire comments.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Macro Photography at Godavari

Clicking photos has been a common hobbies, not matters whether it is from our cell phone or high end DGTAL SLR. For me, I have also been clicking the photo since few years. During those photographic years, I had tried different types of photography form portraits, landscapes & still life. For me; I am mainly fond of landscapes & portraits. But since, I started on looking some good works of the Close ups (Macros), my inner interest & fond wanted me to do some macros as well.

For the very first time, I used some close up rings to do the macro shots & after having some experiences with a bit of knowledge I owned a Tamron 90mm/f2.8 macro lens. I purchased this lens after consulting with the experienced ones. Since then, I am truly & deeply enjoying the Macro photography apart from my Prime Interests: Landscapes & Portraits. :D

Trying to go deep inside the flower

Even the thorns look beautiful with the flower 

Exposing in the world

The couples

I have always been wanted to play with the lights

The patterns & lighting attracted me 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Buddha Purnima/ Jayanti 2071

As we Nepali are very rich of Religious culture, tradition & Arts, Buddha Purnima/ Jayanti i.e. the Birth date of Lord Buddha is celebrated through out the countries with different & various local styles. Buddha is the primary figure of Peace & Non Violence. Being a social part of the society & a peace lover, myself could not miss this particular day to go to the Buddha Stupas, Monastery & Shrines just to pay homage to the Buddha in this particular Full Moon Day.

Here are the few snaps that I managed to take during the visit to Boudha Stupa,  Kathmandu, Nepal.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Balaju 22 Dhara Park Photo Walk & Monkey Bite

These are the few monochrome shots that I took during the Balaju 22 Dhara Photo Walk.

On that particular day, when I was taking photos, I was suddenly bitten by a Monkey on my Right Thigh. On seeing at the Cut, I saw few spots of Blood. I could not clean the cut immediately & after few hours, I went to a clinic where they cleaned the cut with Betadine & I was given a T.T. injection where they were very very willing to START the FIRST dose of Rabies for Rs. 500/-.

Few friends had suggested me to get rabies vaccine ASAP. On feeling & predicting the consequences, I could not spend the whole day & even could not sleep well in the night. That’s why I rushed to Teku Hospital for further consultancy. The authority did not let me pay for the Tickets. Upon theirs’ suggestion, I waited for the Doctor till 12am. I had reached there by 9am sharp. But the Doctor did not come. Further, I came to know that the Doctor had gone to Abroad. Soon after that, I was called by an Officer there & asked me abt. the problem.

After understanding my versions, he told me that they have not given any rabies vaccine to anyone till date who got bitten by the monkey. He just convinced me that nothing will be happened just have faith upon myself. BTW, I had already read few stuffs abt. Monkey bite where they have stated that 92% or rabies has only been transmitted by the DOG. Actually, we had a nice & positive discussions abt. the monkey bite & its’ impact & effects to our feelings. Now, I again want to say that, I was very much scared by some of my friends’ Forceful Suggestion for taking the rabies vaccine as they suggested me so without ANY-IDEA-KNOWLEDGE. They just took my BREATH AWAY.